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Rentech Renewable Technologies and Willard Batteries are proud to announce their participation in the upcoming NAMPO Agricultural Show to be held from May 16-19, 2023,

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What is an invertor

What is an Inverter

Grid-tie inverter These inverters are reliant on what is called a grid reference, without something like the national grid or a generator, these systems will

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Can You Run Your Home Exclusively via Solar Energy?

With pressure on both the cost and, indeed, reliability of South Africa’s troubled national energy grid, many consumers are exploring ways of becoming less reliant on this supply. While in our part of the world, harnessing the power of the sun offers one notable alternative; is it plausible to rely solely on solar?

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5 DIY Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Home 

Before the grind of a new cycle of online meetings and clock-chasing school runs begins, why not make the most of some much-needed down time to tackle small yet meaningful DIY jobs around your home? The following small changes can make a significant difference to the monthly running costs of your home.

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