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A Buyer’s Guide To Selecting Best Inverter

As South Africans grapple with yet another year of load shedding, many will be taking steps to become self-sufficient during power outages. To power your home during a blackout, one should consider purchasing an inverter. But what should you look for when selecting the best inverter? Choosing the best inverter for your needs is crucial. Here is our comprehensive […]

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Solar Power for Businesses: Cost Savings and Environmental Impact

Many South African businesses have been left with little choice but to explore a solar PV solution in order to keep their respective production lines operating, yet the benefits of harnessing energy from the sun stretch further than simply maintaining productivity.  Exacerbated by the shortcomings of the national power supply grid, many South Africans have taken it […]

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How a Solar PV Installation Affects the Value of Your Property

one hand handing house keys over to another hand for the house in the background with solar panels

Currently rivalling braai-side conversations about the Springboks’ chances of winning in the forthcoming Rugby World Cup in France and whether a Ford Ranger is even a match for a Toyota Hilux, talk of which neighbours spent what on their respective load-shedding “fix” is all but guaranteed to spark debate in many South African homes.  Whether […]

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How Does Cold Weather Affect the Performance of Your Solar PV System?

solar pv system on a roof with ice on it

It’s a common misconception that a solar PV system relies on the heat from the sun to generate electricity. In fact, the cooler the climate, the better. Let’s look at how varying ambient temperatures affect your solar system.  Contrary to what you might think, the reason that many so-called solar farms are positioned in desert areas around […]

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One of South Africa’s Largest Retail Groups is Looking Towards the Sun

two men in construction suits walk across a solar panel system on a roof

Exploring the Shoprite Group’s Impressive Push Towards Reducing both its Carbon Footprint, Costs and a Reliance on the National Grid   With a goal of becoming a carbon neutral organisation by 2050, South Africa’s Shoprite Group (including Checkers) has made impressive inroads into becoming wholly less reliant on the country’s national power grid, while looking to […]

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Rentech Celebrates Solar Show Success

The Solar & Future Energy Show Africa, spanning two days, concluded on the 26th of April at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. The show has emerged as a prominent fixture in the region’s solar energy industry and attracted some 15 000 attendees and over 300 exhibitors from across the globe, including the United States, China, India, […]

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The differences between on-grid and off-grid solar power PV systems

Already battle-weary when it comes to a traditional reliance on a functioning national grid, rumours of the imminent introduction of new, yet-to-be-explored stages of load-shedding events have many South Africans escalating plans for a move away from this dependence on a national energy supply. Solar PV is proving one of the most popular means of independent power […]

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Rentech Renewable Technologies and Willard Batteries are proud to announce their participation in the upcoming NAMPO Agricultural Show to be held from May 16-19, 2023, in Bothaville in the Free State. NAMPO is one of the largest agricultural shows in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting thousands of visitors each year from across the continent and beyond. […]

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What is an Inverter

What is an invertor

Grid-tie inverter These inverters are reliant on what is called a grid reference, without something like the national grid or a generator, these systems will shutdown.  These systems are designed to lower the average annual energy-related costs of the building they are installed on by generating power when there is sunlight.  The shutdown of these […]

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