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Back-up batteries are critical components of modern alarm and security systems. These are typically deep-cycle 12V batteries that can power a security system for a period, depending on the number of devices that are linked to the battery.

The battery starts working when there is a power outage. Frequent power failures and power spikes tend to deteriorate the lifespan of batteries. Intelligent alarm systems communicate with the control room of the security company. When an alarm system battery starts running low, it sends a signal to the control room where the alarm and security systems are monitored. Once the battery is fully discharged, the alarm and security system are no longer working and no further signals are received in the control room. Once the power is back up again, the battery is recharged.

When the back-up battery comes to the end of its life, it starts to malfunction and could cause false alarms. Such batteries need to be replaced immediately.

Typical “General purpose” batteries used for this market were not designed for regular and long power outages such as load shedding or power grid failures. Rentech offers a range of batteries with good performance suitable for standby applications to ensure your alarm or security system is always available.

Selection Table & Technical Documentation Downloads

Product Description Voltage Ah Datasheet
6V-4.5AH 6V 4.5AH 6 4,5 Rentech GP 4.5AH 6V.pdf
NP2.3-12 12V 2.3AH 12 2,3 Rentech GP 2.3AH 12V.pdf
NP7.2-12 12V 7.2AH 12 7,2 Rentech GP 7.2AH 12V.pdf
12V-9AH 12V 9.0AH 12 9 Rentech GP 9AH 12V.pdf
RT12-12 12V 12.0AH 12 12 Rentech GP 12AH 12V.pdf
NP18-12 12V 18.0AH 12 18 Rentech GP 18AH 12V.pdf
NP45-12 12V 45.0AH 12 45 Rentech GP 45AH 12V.pdf