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Forklift batteries

Forklifts are integral equipment in logistics and warehouse management operations.

An increasing demand for reliability of these vehicles ignited a move towards electrically operated forklifts that require quality and long-lasting batteries. In addition to powering a forklift, the battery must provide a counterweight to the forklift, aiding the equipment’s lifting capacity.

Rentech offers a range of batteries for forklift equipment. These include iNCi GS Yuasa, high quality and high-performance batteries that come with British Standard (BS) or German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) specifications.

Rentech also helps you with battery monitoring, watering and charging solutions.

1. Battery Monitoring

In order to maximise a forklift’s battery performance and lifecycle, it is imperative to constantly monitor battery voltage, current and water levels. Excessive voltage spikes and drops need to be prevented to avoid battery damage.

2. Battery Watering Systems

Lead-acid batteries contain an electrolyte mixture of sulphuric acid and water. During the charging and discharging process, evaporation takes place which needs to be replaced to prevent burn-out and damage of the battery.

3. Charging Equipment

Charging equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure optimum charging and achieve the required return on investment of batteries as well as charging equipment. Maintenance is also crucial to ensure safety of personnel and property.

Selection table and technical documentation downloads

Product Description Voltage Ah Type Datasheet
4 PzS 420 420AH DIN 2V cell 2 420 DIN Rentech INCI Traction Batteries.pdf
5 PzS 525 525AH DIN 2V cell 2 525 DIN
2 PzS 230 230AH DIN 2V cell 2 230 DIN
3 PzS 345 345AH DIN 2V cell 2 345 DIN
4 PzS 500 500AH DIN 2V cell 2 500 DIN
4 PzS 560 560AH DIN 2V cell 2 560 DIN
5 PzS 700 700AH DIN 2V cell 2 700 DIN
4 PzS 620 620AH DIN 2V cell 2 620 DIN
8 PzB 440 440Ah BS 2V cell 2 440 BS
9 PzB 495 495Ah BS 2V cell 2 495 BS
10 PzB 550 550Ah BS 2V cell 2 550 BS
3 PzB 225 225Ah BS 2V cell 2 225 BS
4 PzB 300 300Ah BS 2V cell 2 300 BS
5 PzB 375 375Ah BS 2V cell 2 375 BS
6 PzB 450 450Ah BS 2V cell 2 450 BS
7 PzB 525 525Ah BS 2V cell 2 525 BS
9 PzB 675 675Ah BS 2V cell 2 675 BS
10 PzB 750 750Ah BS 2V cell 2 750 BS