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Lifting Equipment

Warehouses and storage facilities require powerful lifting equipment for operational and maintenance work and procedures.

Modern lifting equipment, powered by electric motors, are used to safely handle, move, lift and store loads of goods both at low and high elevations, and also to maintain fitted lighting and fire-fighting equipment.

Lifting equipment typically includes sky-jacks and pallet jacks, also known as electric pallet trucks or walkies, that have the ability to lift and move heavy loads of goods. Owing to health and safety reasons, these electrically-driven motors will increasingly replace internal-combustion engines as they promote cleaner and safer working environments, especially within indoor environments.

Rentech supplies a range of batteries for power lifting equipment of various sizes that offers high performance in high and low temperature environments. The batteries are designed for long life and feature deep cycle discharge ability and excellent charge acceptance.

Selection table and technical documentation downloads

Product Description Voltage Ah Datasheet
JPC 12-100AH 12V 100AH Lead Carbon 12 100 Rentech Lead Carbon 100AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-120 12V 120AH Lead Carbon 12 120 Rentech Lead Carbon 120AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-150AH 12V 150AH Lead Carbon 12 150 Rentech Lead Carbon 150AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-200AH 12V 200AH Lead Carbon 12 200 Rentech Lead Carbon 200AH 12V.pdf
JPC 12-250AH 12V 250AH Lead Carbon 12 250 Rentech Lead Carbon 250AH 12V.pdf