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Solar PV Panels

A solar photovoltaic (PV) panel is an assembly of photovoltaic cells mounted in a metal framework for easy installation.

The PV cells capture the energy of the sun and convert it into electricity. The majority of PV modules are comprised of water-based crystalline silicon cells that must be protected from mechanical damage and moisture. Cells are connected electrically in series to a desired voltage and in parallel for increased amperage.

A PV module’s power wattage is the voltage multiplied by the amperage and this specification rating is determined under standard test conditions (STC). It does not necessarily reflect the panel’s true performance in outdoor conditions. PV solar systems can stand alone or be connected to the national electricity grid.

There are two main categories of PV panel options: Monocrystalline solar panels and Polycrystalline solar panels. Monocrystalline cells are made from a single silicon source while Polycrystalline cells are produced by melting together fragments from multiple silicon sources. Monocrystalline PV panels offer higher power generation efficiencies and sleeker aesthetics.

Our range of Rentech PV panels include both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline cells. Supplying modules various power generation capacities, Rentech ensures that optimal combinations of PV panels and inverters or the specific applications are supplied.

The Rentech range comes with a 25-year warranty that is based on the following conditions:

Monocrystalline PV Panels

Loss of power output measured at Standard Test Conditions (STC) shall not exceed 3% in the first year and thereafter 0,708% per year, followed by 80,2% in the 25th year.

Polycrystalline PV Panels

Loss of power output measured at Standard Test Conditions (STC) shall not exceed 2,5% in the first year and thereafter 0,7% per year, followed by 80,2% in the 25th year.

Selection table

Part Number Description Download PDF
PV-JIN-JNMP60-275 PV Panel 275 Wp 60 cell poly - Tier 1
PV-JIN-JNMP72-335 PV Panel 335 Wp 72 cell poly - Tier 1
PV-JIN-JNMM144-450 PV Panel 450 Wp 144 half-cell mono - Tier 1
PV-JIN-JNMM144-550 PV Panel 550 Wp 144 half-cell mono - Tier 1
GP-120FP-36M Foldable Mono Solar Panel DOWNLOAD

Rentech PV Panel Features

OEM in-house manufacturing of complete PV system, including silicon, ingot, wafer, solar glass, solar cell and solar module. ISO 90001 & ISO 14001 certified factory

Good, weak light performance (morning, evening and cloudy days

Guaranteed 0 to 6W power tolerance, ensuring more than conventional power output

TUV Rheinland (IEC 61215 & IEC 61730) certified for extreme conditions (temperature, load, impact). Successfully passed Solar Modules Testing:
- Saltmist Corrosion Test
- Fire Test
- Ammonia Resistance Test
- PID Test
- Sand Abrasion Test
- Carbon Footprint Assessment in TUV

100% electroluminescence test before and after lamination as well as finished products, providing higher quality assurance